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Maria Vivas Chapoteau,RN

I come from a family of Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacy Technicians, Engineers, Real Estate Appraiser and Military Service.  I am an entrepreneur and developer of our own handcrafted client aftercare products which are in accordance with FDA requirements, I have also developed "TINTA" used for eyebrow mapping and the only skin friendly cosmetic mapping ink on the market, I also have handcrafted our own night oil and day pommade which we use during and after Dermaplaning & Microneedling.  I am known for specializing in repair and reconstruction of work done be other providers.  I am a PMU instructors and I am in a very small group of providers that have over 100 five star ratings.  I also donate my services to breast cancer survivors and I am known for working with surgeons on areola reconstruction.

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Nadia Elisa Vivas, PMU Artist

Microneedling/Dermaplaning Specialist

Cavitation/RF/Infrared Specialist

Karen Day, RN
Electrologist, Cavitation & RF Specialist

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Carrie Johnson
Cavitation & RF Specialist

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