Training Programs

* You will work side by side with a registered nurse, no class room or sitting behind a desk.

* Students are trained on site, groups of no larger then 4 per class or on a one on one basis.

* Models are provided or you can bring your own.

* Training manual handbook is provided.

* All learning supplies and equipment are provided in class.

* You will be introduced to all 4 disciplines: Softops, Digital, Microlading & pointillism

* Manual will include history & physical forms and aftercare forms.

* You will learn anatomy & physiology, color theory, medical conditions & allergic reactions.

* Marketing strategies.

* You will receive a starter student kit with all essential hand tools.

* Classes are during the weekdays 9am to 5pm or until done.

* Dress code; No shorts, sneakers or open toe shoes, company lab coat will be provided.

303 Bryan Road

Suite #2

Brandon, Florida 33511